Parish Draw Results March 2021



1st Prize £1000 Prize No 059 H & T Comiskey, 2nd Prize £500 Prize No 039 P Carroll, 3rd Prize £300 Prize No037 L Cunningham,  4th Prize £150  No 144 A McNally. Sellers Prizes £50 N McKenna  £25 P Mone £25 M Deveney – Many thanks for all your continued support.  Next draw Friday 30th April @ 2pm

Parish Draw Results May & October 2020


May Draw Winners – (Draw held 6th  November 2020)

1st Prize £1,000 NO 326 M Doyle, Keady; 2nd Prize £500 NO 678 M& M Larkin, Lagan;  3rd Prize £300 NO 668 L Hughes, Darkley;  4th Prize £150 NO 518 M Cassidy Keady. Seller’s prize: S McKenna, Madden.


October Draw Winners – (Draw held 6th November 2020)

1st Prize £1,000 NO 635 L & A Arroita, Keady; 2nd Prize £500 NO 253 S Makem, Derrynoose; 3rd Prize £300 NO 165 J & P McSkene, Derrynoose; 4th Prize £150 NO 306 J & P Kinsella, Keady.

Seller’s Prize: M King, Madden.

One off £1000 Draw for those who have paid in full (held 6th November 2020), winner NO 456  S Gorman Keady.


PARISH DRAW 2021 – December 2021. A letter will be sent to all in the parish outlining our plans.  The new draw will begin  end of January 2021.  We thank you all for your continued support.

Parish Draw Results September 2020


Congratulations to our April Winners

1st Prize £1,000 – NO 025 M & S Hughes – Derrynoose, 2nd Prize £500 No 086 J & E McKeever – Clea Road, 3rd Prize £300  No 122 B & P McKenna – Crossmore Gardens, 4th Prize £150 No 249 P McKeown – Derrynoose, Sellers Prize P Mone

Congratulations to our September Winners

1st Prize £1,000 – NO 044 J Stewart – Madden, 2nd Prize £500 No 156 M & B Smyth – Madden, 3rd Prize £300  No 364 F O‘Neill – Carnagh, 4th Prize £150 No 177 F & B King – Annvale Road, Sellers Prize J Mallon

Canon Crawley’s Retirement

  • Thursday 17th September Mass in St. Mochua’s Church Derrynoose at 7.30pm followed by refreshments in Derrynoose Community Centre – booking for Mass is advisable.
  • Tuesday 22nd September in St. Joseph’s Church Madden at 7.30pm followed by refreshments in Madden Community Centre- booking for Mass is advisable.
  • Monday 28th September in St. Patrick’s Church, Keady at 7.30pm followed by refreshments in The Caledonian Keady – booking for Mass is advisable.

Anyone who wishes to acknowledge Canon Crawley’s retirement can, if they wish, send a gift through the parish office, the sacristies or directly to Canon’s House. Tel 0287531242 or email for further details.

Parish Draw Results August 2020


Congratulations to our August Winners.

1st Prize  No 555 £1,000 E Hagan, 2nd Prize No788 £500 E Flanagan, 3rd Prize No 311 £300 J Gray, 4th Prize No 033 £150 M McAnallen,

Sellers Prize £50 E Grimley   Thank you for your continued support.

Please note there will be an additional draw in September because April draw did not take place.  An additional draw will take place in October because we did not hold the May draw.  To ensure you are entered for both September and April draw and October and May please contact your seller if you have not paid your April £10 and May £10.

Sincere thanks to all who have supported the Parish Draw.  Those who sell tickets month after month and to those who purchased tickets. 

Next Draw Friday 25th September 


Parish Confirmation 2020

Congratulations to all the children in our parish who celebrated their Confirmation. We pray for all those confirmed by

 the gift  of the Holy Spirit, that they will give witness to Christ by lives built on faith and love.