Parish Draw Results May & October 2020


May Draw Winners – (Draw held 6th  November 2020)

1st Prize £1,000 NO 326 M Doyle, Keady; 2nd Prize £500 NO 678 M& M Larkin, Lagan;  3rd Prize £300 NO 668 L Hughes, Darkley;  4th Prize £150 NO 518 M Cassidy Keady. Seller’s prize: S McKenna, Madden.


October Draw Winners – (Draw held 6th November 2020)

1st Prize £1,000 NO 635 L & A Arroita, Keady; 2nd Prize £500 NO 253 S Makem, Derrynoose; 3rd Prize £300 NO 165 J & P McSkene, Derrynoose; 4th Prize £150 NO 306 J & P Kinsella, Keady.

Seller’s Prize: M King, Madden.

One off £1000 Draw for those who have paid in full (held 6th November 2020), winner NO 456  S Gorman Keady.


PARISH DRAW 2021 – December 2021. A letter will be sent to all in the parish outlining our plans.  The new draw will begin  end of January 2021.  We thank you all for your continued support.

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